Our Tiny Home Movement

Our vision started in 2010 in SW Colorado. We were driven to create a living space that worked for our needs. We created our first tiny home simply because it was functional, easy to move, and convenient. From that point, we came to the conclusion that this form of housing was just what we wanted to share with others.

We knew plenty of other people in the same situation: in need of affordable, energy-efficient housing that fit their needs. By using reclaimed materials, passive solar-heating, and efficient appliances, our homes are built to coexist with the environment.

We loved finding materials that were unique: wood that nobody wanted, but that contained incredible colors when polished properly. Little vintage RV stoves that fit perfectly in our tiny space. Reclaimed barn roofing that gave siding style and color, found nowhere else. We thrive on the unique details that go into our tiny homes because the detail is everything to tiny home owners.

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